Watermelon juice is effective in breaking down kidney stones. Here’s a story of one person who managed to eliminate his kidneys stones with the help of watermelon rind juice:

“I suffered from severe left-side back pain for several months. Thinking it was another kidney stone and after reading that watermelon RIND juice was good for kidney stones, I sectioned a watermelon, removed the pink flesh, peeled the dark green exterior of the melon, juiced the white rind with a low rpm juicer and drank it down. It wasn’t as tasty as juice from the melon’s red flesh but it wasn’t bad at all. Actually it was quite refreshing.

The next morning I had ZERO pain. This happened several times until I finally went to my urologist who, after dousing my body with radiation, informed me I had NO kidney stone. THEN I went to my chiropractor who, after showing her where the pain was, put her finger on the exact vertebrae that was causing the ‘referred’ pain.

After just one adjustment and one simple acupuncture treatment, I walked out without any problem whereas, when I first arrived, I could barely walk and had difficulty driving to her office.

Watermelon rind juice is now in my “food medicine cabinet”.

This story should inspire anyone who is struggling with pain and wants to avoid the chemical-laden analgesics that normally come with harmful side effects.


Watermelon rind is largely composed of water. Hence, it can increase the efficiency of the kidneys when it comes to processing waste. Likewise, sufficient hydration minimizes blood pressure. Watermelon rind is also loaded with vitamins A, B6, and C, as well as potassium and zinc.

According to the Science of Food and Agriculture journal, watermelon rind has citrulline, which is effective in combating free radical damage and boosting the immune system.


Weight Loss – Watermelon rind contains fiber that can keep you full for longer, thereby promoting weight loss. Likewise, studies have revealed that individuals who consume natural citrulline can lose 30% more weight compared to those who don’t.

Anti-Inflammatory – Watermelon rind contains lycopene, which is effective in alleviating inflammation that causes arthritis pain. It also has folate that can reduce the risk of colon cancer and cardiovascular complications.

Aphrodisiac – Citrulline found in watermelon rind also has libido-boosting properties. Simply add a half of unpeeled lemon to your glass of watermelon rind juice and drink it regularly. Your love life will improve significantly.

Cures Urinary Tract Infections – Watermelon has potent cleansing abilities, which are beneficial for boosting efficient kidney functions and for treating UTIs. You just need to drink freshly-prepared watermelon rind juice until the symptoms vanish.

Alleviates Pregnancy Symptoms
 – Small amounts of watermelon rind can ease heartburn, morning sickness, as well as the swellings associated with pregnancy.

Economic Benefit – Using all parts of a watermelon not only benefit your health but also your wallet. It can save you money spent on food as you can use it in the place of other foods such as cucumber.

It is advisable to always use organic watermelon. If you have a juicer, you can juice the rind of this powerful fruit and enjoy its numerous health benefits. You can also blend the fruit, including the seeds and rind, to make a healthy and delicious smoothie.

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