The shape of your face determines your $3xual behaviour and here’s what it reveals


Why do we find certain faces more attractive than others? Why do we feel, looking at people with different face shapes, that one may be more aggressive than the other? Why do we respect people of a certain face shape more than we do others? There must be something inherent about face shapes which we unconsciously understand but cannot explain, right?

Yes, our minds are programmed instinctively to be more responsive towards faces of a particular shape than the others and it also reveals a lot about a person’s personality, especially the sex drive.

Before we begin, we need to define how the face shape is determined. Face shapes are based on the facial width-to-height ratio (fWHR). It is the ratio between the breadth and the length of your face and as a matter of thumb rule, higher fWHR is associated with higher sex drive.

#1 Oval face

If you have an oval-shaped face, it means that you have low fWHR (the width of your face is smaller than the length). You are not completely driven by sex and you are more on the gentle side. You, as a sexual partner, are loving and caring when it comes to love. You delight in the foreplay and cuddles more than the action itself. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at sex, it just means that you are more giving and less aggressive as compared to others. You enjoy sex, you don’t live for it.

#2 Long face

Compared to people with oval faces, you are higher on sex drive. But sex is still not everything for you. You are not aggressive and you do not look to dominate your partner. Sex with you is more fun and games than sheer action. You are more of an explorer, trying out new things and you love having sex at reasonable intervals than going at it like bunnies day and night. It’s more of love than outright sex which drives your personality.

#3 Round face

You are a symphony in bed. Yielding to your partner when they take control and taking matters into your own hands when you feel like it, you are both about pleasing and being pleased. Sex, for you, is something pleasurable and you do not prefer dictating terms. You are flexible and like to have sex on equal terms, neither dominating your partner nor being subservient either. Sex, with you, would be memorable as you can pace yourself accordingly going from warm and caring to red-hot passionate.

#4 square face


A perfect symmetry between the width and length of your face makes you instantly attractive. We are mentally programmed to look for symmetry and your face does half the job for you. When it comes to sex drive, you are on the higher end of things. You look for partners who are strong and dominant as that is who you are too. You are really capable of challenging your partner, in bed, to bring up their game as you always bring your very best too.

Driven, fierce, passionate and fiery are the adjectives which define you in bed but also warm and considerate when needed. You love sex, love having sex and quite frankly everything about sex.

#5 Heart face

Oh yes, the perfect blend of hot and steamy with cute and cuddly. You are a dominant force in bed, someone who knows exactly what they want and how to go about achieving that. You are, more often than not, in control and determine the flow as per your need. It doesn’t mean that you are selfish in bed but far from that; you are driven to perform at the highest level which is excellent for both you and your partner.

You can be an animal in bed and people notice this unconsciously. And to be frank, that’s exactly what makes you so incredibly attractive.

#6 Diamond face

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you have an extremely high sex drive. It doesn’t mean that you are a sex-addict or sex is the only thing you think about but sex with you is passionate, hot and fierce. You can be aggressive, dominant and even on the bed, it is you who determines ferocity of sex. In bed, you shine bright like a diamond.

Wild and passionate, you can be a total beast and that’s just the way you like it. And after being with you, one may never forget the euphoria they experienced and being unforgettable is just the thing when it comes to sex, right?


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