Juice for Memory, Brain, Neurons and Against Dementia


Next we will show you the recipes of three wonderful nutritious and very energetic juices. You do not have to take one specifically, you can take any one of them once or twice a week, you will realize the way in which little by little you will feel less fatigued.

So your brain, believe it or not, will thank you for the nutrients you provide to improve the performance of your actions.

The delicious apple, carrot and almond smoothie.

This shake is a nutritious pump. The apple provides us with fiber, vitamin E, vitamin C and hydration. On the other hand, the Carrot offers Vitamins C, A and B in addition to coarse minerals such as “Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus”. Almonds, on the other hand, only have a large amount of minerals.


-2 apples
-3 Carrots.
-3 Nuts
-3 Almonds


the fruits are washed and the walnuts and almonds are peeled. all the fruits are added to the blender next to the almonds, you must put a quick speed in the blender so that everything is liquefied.

Sweet strawberry and oatmeal smoothie

In the next juice we can find that oats, apart from having a relaxing alkaloid inside, also has vitamin B1, which is perfect to combat mental fatigue and give us a lot of energy. On the other hand, strawberries are a perfect natural antioxidant for our brain.


-3 Strawberries
-Half a glass of oatmeal
-A glass of skim milk
-2 tablespoons of honey


Only milk, oats, strawberries and honey should be thrown into the blender . Mix well so that everything is fairly uniform. Although it can be said that because it has a high amount of sugar we do not recommend it for diabetics.

Coconut and banana smoothie

This shake is excellent to develop learning and memory: it contains a lot of fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, vitamins E, A and C …


-1 glass of skim milk
-5 almonds.
-Half ripe banana
-1/7 coconut cut into small pieces, without peel.


Start by peeling the banana and putting it in the blender with the fresh coconut. Then you put the milk and the almonds. You liquefy it at maximum speed in the blender.

Finally it is served in the glass and optionally garnished with a little cinnamon.

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